All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
As you like it, Act II, Scene VII


Infernal is set in London.  The bustling 21st-century heart of the United Kingdom.  A metropolitan city where over 300 languages are spoken and home to almost 10 million souls, a centre for international finance and culture.  

It is a city rich with history having been inhabited for over 2000 years to Pre-Roman, Pre-Christian times.

The site of "The Event" is central London, specifically the area shown bordered in red


The area is now quarantined, the Royal Corp of Engineers tasked with isolating the effected areas.

Roads have been blocked, buildings demolished and a "No-Mans-Land" some 20 meters wide have been created.  

In places imposing 3 meter high concrete walls have been built, towers providing vantage points to members of the British army who restrict access to the "Hot-Zone"