Section - Dagger Team

Dagger Teams, are drawn from members of the commonwealth military who have survived a supernatural encounter.
Equipped with the latest in military technology and made up of some of the hardiest men and women in the commonwealth's armed forces, they hunt down the supernatural. 
Prior to "The Event" ,they would most often be dispatched individually, operating alongside teams of paranormal investigators.
Responding to haunts, hunting down violent apparitions throughout the UK and deploying alongside the regular army to neutralise supernatural threats, the type of things that the public could never understand or come to terms with.
The one thing they all have in common is bearing witness to things no mortal should ever have to comprehend, they have stared into the void and lived to tell the tale. 
Since “The Event” and for the first time since WW2 Section Dagger Teams have been mobilised en masse.   
They operate under the aegis of the Anderson Bill and are charged with taking the fight to the monsters, hunting the creatures down in their lairs, and denying them the resources they need to transform from their twisted Host Forms into their terrifying and destructive True Forms.
Deployed to what is now, the most dangerous theatre in the world. 
The ravaged streets of London.
Non arma queant, sed non vident